Roller Shades

Designer roller shades are a staple favorite for interior design in modern urban settings. They’re preferred for their efficient simplicity and smooth pull-down action. They look sharp and have better than average durability due to the simple action mechanism that rolls shades up and both locks and unlocks them in place with a simple tug. The overall appeal of roller shades stems from this simplicity and architectural savvy– don’t make something too complicated that doesn’t have to be; this is a design principle that this form of window shade follows beautifully.

These shades have a continuous scroll of shading material that can be simply pulled down over any portion of window an owner seeks to shade out; this continuity of one piece of fabric or material is quite preferable to the normal contiguous features of most other shade designs; which have multi-piece designs. The one-piece feature of roller shades makes your home seem more sharp, and modern– but it can also work wonderfully for strictly utilitarian purposes as well. Roller shades are going to make a window look clean, and modern.


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