Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are the most energy-efficient shades that still allow light to enter the room if that is what you desire. These shades trap air between the folds (called pleats) of their design, which makes it very difficult for unwanted heat to penetrate through them. Sometimes called “Honeycomb blinds”, cellular shades are also novel and amusing due to their accordion design that can last a considerable amount of time and remain highly space-efficient; these are among the most efficient types of shade that there are in the industry in terms of energy efficiency and space-efficiency.

Your home and home-budget can stand to benefit substantially from these distinctively designed shades. Unlike many other forms of shades and blinds, cellular shades can function as an all-in-one type of shade; having sections that only filter light, other sections to it that will block out all light when pulled down, and also being able to stack up compactly to let you see out of your window. It’s very difficult to ever regret having cellular shades in your home– or anywhere!

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