Motorized Shades Miami

Having motorized shades can be hugely convenient, particularly if you have lots of windows or large windows where shades are difficult to deal with by hand. There are lots of different options for shades with motors. They can run on AC power with a plug into the wall, DC power with a battery pack, or even solar power for the ultimate in energy efficiency. These shades can help make your life a little bit easier, whether you use them in the bedroom, the media room, the living room, or the office.

We don’t necessarily recommend a motorized window shade in every room of your house, as for some people the expense would be prohibitive. However, we do recommend that you consider this an investment for certain windows in your house. Some examples of windows that work particularly well with these types of shades are tall windows in your living room.

Easily Raise and Lower your Shades using Remote Control

Sometimes, the shades in these windows are difficult to control because you may not be able to reach them well, and heavy blinds in these windows may even be hard to control with cords. When you use a motor in these shades, though, you can easily get them up and down at will. It’s particularly nice, actually, when you’re dealing with east or west facing windows because you can easily put the shades up or down just enough to filter the sun when it’s slanting through the window at an angle.

Motorized shades are quite helpful in situations where you want to be able to control the shades without moving. In the bedroom, for instance, they can be great, particularly if you don’t have a lot of overhead light or don’t like flipping on the switch first thing in the morning. From the comfort of your bed, you can roll your shades up every morning, which is a nice, soothing way to wake up.

While it’s certainly not necessary to add motors to all your shades, motorized roller shades can work particularly well, and they can lend an air of modernity to your home. These shades come in just as many colors and options as regular roller shades. The only difference is that they’re controlled by a motor, and you can normally roll them up or down via remote control.

Custom Motorized Shades to Match any Style

Like our other shades, the motorized options come with several fabric and lining options. You can get blackout shades, which are particularly nice for bedrooms and media rooms, most of all, or you can get shades that allow light to filter through. These are nice shades to have on two-story windows if you have a home with a large living room. Having these large windows mostly uncovered gives you plenty of natural light and a great view, but sometimes they can be a little frustrating when the light is right in your eyes or is causing a glare on the living room television. With motorized coverings, you’ll be able to control that situation, even on your largest, tallest windows.

If you’re interested in motorized shades Miami or blinds as an alternative, check out our selection in our online window gallery. See what we have to offer, and then call to set up an appointment with a professional window treatment consultant, who will be able to help you make the best choices for your home. Once you’ve chosen the shades that are right for you, we’ll even come and install them and help you maintain them over time!

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