Make the Most of the Sun’s Rays

Motorized Roller Shades in Miami

Last century, people began using more and more appliances that helped them perform their household chores faster and with less effort. This century, the focus is on saving energy and increasing comfort. Because of the depleting sources of natural resources, and the rising costs of our heating and electricity bills, more and more designers are implementing methods of using the sun’s energy to its maximum potential.

Natural lighting is the most flattering and comforting of all, and in the winter, the sun can do an excellent job at heating our rooms. All of this is free; we just have to know how to take advantage of it. The simplest way to control sunlight is through our choice of window treatments.

Motorized Shades

You’ve probably seen movies where people wake up in the morning and push a button and suddenly all the shades in their house raise and everything is bathed in the beautiful morning light. You may have even heard that you can program your blinds to rise at a particular time. But did you know that you could control your shades remotely, from your smartphone; or that some shades now come with a built-in sensor that detects the sun when it rises or sets?

Certain companies now design sun and wind sensors that open or close your blinds automatically when they reach a particular threshold. This helps you control the temperature and ambiance of a space, and saves money because of the way it works with the natural environment around us. It is a step beyond motorization, and best of all, this can be achieved at a reasonable price.

Where to Buy

Miami is a special place to live because of its ample amounts of sunlight. So why not make the most of it? Companies such as Hunter Douglas designed many different types of motorization systems, each to fit a different style of window covering. And brands such as Lutron Serena are sold at a price comparable to manual shades.

At Attico Concepts, we carry these brands and many more. Attico Concepts is your source for motorized shades in Miami. We have a wide range of products to fit your particular budget and needs and we can work with you to determine the most efficient ways of treating your windows to save energy and money while still creating a stunning ambiance!

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