Custom Window Shades in Miami

Keep your home cool and open-feeling by shading direct sunlight that beams through your windows. The natural lighting in your home can be soothing and clean-feeling when shaded.


Custom Drapes in Miami

Your home can feel classy and elegant with these functional artworks. Able to moderate the sunlight– and thereby the mood– of any room exposed to natural light, these classy home-necessities...


Custom Blinds in Miami

Blinds give you full control over the amount of light you let into your home. They look sharp and can keep your electric bills substantially lower if you keep sunlight from warming the...

Top Treatments

Window Top Treatments in Miami

Make your blinds, drapes, or shades look even sharper or classier with these window-accessories that go over the top of your windows or blinds, giving a clean, constant feel of continuity with...

Designer Window Treatments for Aventura Residents and Commercial Businesses

Attico Concepts, window treatment specialists out of Aventura, Florida, began as specializing in interior decoration. The company has experience with five-star hotels, retail stores, as well as residential homes. Currently, they serve commercial businesses as well as residential areas in Aventura, Florida and have narrowed their focus to windows, including the following: shades, draperies, blinds, motorization, cornices, and much more.


You can find the vast selection of shades by clicking on the various shade designs within the shades tab.
  • Modern designer roller shades will make your friends envious. The roller shades are simple, yet stylish, and function simply by pulling them down. Additionally, these roller shades are quite durable, so they will last.
  • Roman shades also offer a great look for a homeowner, and they are a unique alternative to roller shades. They stick close to the windows and minimize the level of sun coming through. They can be cordless or corded, whichever the homeowner prefers.
  • Woven wood shades are a classic. They provide an exotic but natural to one’s household. They do a great job of blocking out annoying light.
  • Looking to save money on that electric bill? Cellular shades will help a homeowner do just that. These shades are energy efficient and allow just a bit of light to pass through into the home. They trap air between the blinds, leaving your home cool and comfortable.
  • Want to do away with all the light? These will do that for you. As the name suggests, black out shades will block 100 percent of the light entering the home.
Don’t forget that shades can be motorized!


  • Ripple fold drapes are trendy right now with wavy ruffles that cover the windows. They are easy to use and offer a popular style.
  • Grommet drapes, also popular, will last a lifetime. Known for simplistic designs, a holes run through the fabric folds, which are lined with grommets, and a single pole runs through all of the holes. They are easy to clean; simply take the rod out of the drape and throw it in the washing machine.
  • Pinch pleat drapes have been popular forever. They are held up by a metal rod going through rings at the top of the fabric. Folds in the fabric create a beautiful design, and they can be pulled open and shut, just as any other drape.
  • Like pinch pleat drapes, goblet drapes are designed with elegant folds and rings. The main difference is that they are made from wood. They can fit with just about any style of your house.
  • Don’t forget, Attico Concepts offers custom drapes to fit just about any design with almost any fabric. Whatever choice you make, you can’t go wrong.


  • Wood blinds are perhaps the best looking blinds of all. They are also durable and easy to clean. They can be horizontal or vertical, and can block an enormous amount of light. Like their woven wood shade cousins, Wood blinds will give the home an exotic, great look. Wood is tough, and will let your friends know that you have good taste.
  • Wood mini blinds are also a popular choice right now. They will go great in any room, but especially kitchens. Wood mini blinds are of a higher quality than their vinyl blind alternative, and they are also environmentally friendly.
  • Faux wood blinds offer an alternative to wood blinds, especially if wood blinds are out of your budget. Regular wood blinds can often grow mold if not taken care of – not these. They are also environmentally friendly because they are not made from trees.
  • Interior shutters can be absolutely beautiful. These shutters can actually be directed to let the light in at whatever angle the homeowner wishes. These are the only blinds that can direct the light to the floor!


  • Wood cornices are the absolute obvious choice of all the treatments. They are beautiful and come in two sizes: eight and a half inches tall by ninety inches wide, or eight and a half inches tall by 120 inches wide. The size depends on the style the homeowner chooses. A wooden cornice will make the window look sharper than ever before.
  • Upholstered cornices come in a huge variety in style, trim options, and designs. These cornices make varying sizes of windows look uniform, but they do need to be consistent in design throughout the house.
  • Valances are popular because they hide the curtain rods. They look amazing with drapes, shades, or blinds, but they can also look great standing alone. I you feel like your room is lacking something, it can definitely bring an extra kick to the area.
All in all, Attico Concepts has a great selection in window accessories. Visit their website for more information.
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