Different Types of Window Treatments

Types of Window Shades

Putting up some window treatments in your house is a simple, yet effective way to decorate your home. You can choose the kind of window treatment depending on several factors such as the size, the color, as well as the design of the room or house. Here is a simple list of the different types of window treatments available, as well as some tips that can help you decide the type and style of your window treatments.

Types of Window Treatments

  • Roller Shades: Using roller shades is one of the simplest ways to cover and style your windows. If you are looking for roller shades in Miami, Attico Concepts offer this type of window treatment in various materials, colors, and designs. They are easy to use and can filter light effectively.
  • Solar Shades: As the name suggests, solar shades are designed mainly for solar protection. They have glare reduction and UV protection features, which make them suitable for rooms that are more exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Roman Shades: This type of window treatment combines the soft texture of drapery and the features of shades. They look elegant and stylish and can help you keep your privacy. You can adjust the amount of covered area through a cord mechanism.
  • Drapery: This kind of window treatment can be made up of different kinds of fabric. They can give your room a classic or a modern look.
  • Wood Blinds: Obviously, this type of window treatment can be made up of different kinds of wood. You can tilt them and control the light that enters the room.
  • Woven Wood Shades: Woven wood shades can be made up of natural materials including bamboo and grass. This type of window treatment is effective in filtering the light that comes in.
  • Cellular Shades: Cellular shades are effective in saving energy. Aside from light-filtering functions, they can also insulate the room.
  • Pleat Shades: This type of shades is made up of pleated fabric that you can close to maintain your privacy. Pleat shades are very versatile, and you can use them to control the light that enters.
  • Valances: This type of window treatment is placed at the top part of the window. They are usually made up of fabric and are used to cover drapery hardware.
  • Cornices: Cornices are made up of wood or wood composite and covered with different kinds of fabric. This is where draperies or window curtains can be attached.

Tips on Window Treatments

  • Window treatments that are made up of natural materials, such as bamboo or rattan, are trendy.
  • Draperies made up of silk or velvet look simple, yet elegant. There’s no need for you to decorate them with additional embellishments.
  • Using cellular blinds is an affordable way for you to decorate and go eco-friendly.
There are many companies that make custom window treatments, such as Lutron Serena and Hunter Douglas. These brands can be purchased at Attico Concepts, which is an interior decoration consulting company that provides quality products and services.
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