Interior Shutters

Interior shutters are a gracious and yet luxurious option to treat windows that have a quaint– albeit very functional and thorough feel to them. These shutters close from the inside and then have slats which can be adjusted like the AC vents on your car’s dashboard to allow just as much light into your home as you want. Another unique feature about these is that due to them being able to be closed or angled in the up or down position, they can also be used to direct which way the light will be reflected. If you want natural light in the room to be reflected mainly to the ceiling; you can do that. If you want it to be angled mainly to the floor, you can do that too– these are the only blinds that can do that.

These blinds have a quintessentially suburban feel to them that can add a safe feeling to your home. They are excellent for insulation and full-light blockage if that’s what you desire, but they’re also able to be fully opened to enjoy the entirety of the light percolating through to your home.

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