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: What Are Your Options?

Blinds Miami can be one of the best ways to add light control, privacy, and style to your home. Whether you use blinds all on their own or alongside some of our custom draperies, Attico Concepts has what you need to make your blinds work well in your home. While some people automatically think of cheap aluminum blinds when they hear that word, there are actually all sorts of high-quality options out there. Even our aluminum blinds are heavier-gauge and are built to last in your home!

Luckily, there are all sorts of choices available when it comes to blinds. Our blinds come in widths and lengths of up to a hundred inches, which means you can put blinds even on some of your largest windows. From wood to aluminum, window blinds Miami come with all sorts of options and in many colors that will suit your home perfectly. No matter whether you have a traditional style or something funkier and more modern, blinds can be an affordable way to add privacy and light control to your home.

Of course, aluminum blinds are one of the most popular options for their sleek look and overall affordability. Our aluminum blinds come in different sizes – ½” micro-blinds, 1″ mini blinds, and 2″ regular blinds. The blinds can also have decorative tapes that can be perfect if you want to achieve a retro look in your home.

All the aluminum blinds we offer are made to last and come in either six or eight gauge. If you want to make a solid investment in blinds that are built to last, eight gauge blinds Miami are one of the best options. These blinds feature baked-on enamel finishes and crash-proof cord locks that keep them in better shape for longer.

Of course, wood blinds Miami are also a popular, upscale-looking option. While a bit more expensive than aluminum blinds, they are a great investment because they can last for years. Natural wood adds warmth and elegance to any room, and white wooden blinds are perfect for a shabby chic or cottage style. All our wood blinds are made from basswoods of different sorts, so you can choose just what you want. They come with either 1″ or 2″ slats so, again, you can customize your choice to best suit your home and your individual needs.

Vertical blinds Miami are a great option for sliding glass doors and even certain bay window areas. They’re easier to pull all the way back than similar draperies might be, and they’re also more modern-looking than even grommet style draperies. Don’t go with cheap vertical blinds, though, as you’ll only end up with broken slats and lots of frustration. Instead, check out our online window gallery to see a selection of today’s highest-quality vertical blinds, which are a long-lasting investment that will suit your needs for years.

Like our aluminum and wood horizontal blinds, our vertical blinds come in many different color options. This means you can match them to your home so you get the perfect look for your needs. Whether you need white or off white or some other color, if we don’t have it, nobody does!

If you’re interested in making a solid investment in blinds Miami, check out our online window gallery to see what we have to offer. Then, call to make an appointment with one of our professional window treatment consultants. Our consultants can help you sort through your options, get the perfect measurements and order blinds that we’ll both install and service!

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